Hello! This is just a fun quiz for Kaitou Saint Tail Fans!

Q1) What do you describe your personality as?

1) Friendly, Always Smiling & Likes to Help Troubled People

2) Smart, Hardworking & Very Obvious When It Comes to Feelings

3) Sociable & a Fun Person to Hang Out With

4) Boyish, Self Dependent & Grateful to those who help you

Q2) Who would you aspire to be?

1) Detective, Just Like My Dad!

2) A part of the police force because I like Justice!

3) Haven't really decided but maybe have a little mysterious life?

4) A selfless Nun who helps troubled people.

Q3) Have you....

1) Hated someone but like them actually?

2) Cant express your feelings so you are hoping the other party will make the first move?

3) Able to tell the other party your feelings?

4) Not liked anyone but helps your friend. Forever Single!