Megumi Tachikawa

Megumi Tachikawa (立川 恵Tachikawa Megumi) was born on February 22 in Tokyo, Japan. She is a Japanese shōjo manga-ka or manga artist, best known for the manga Saint Tail, which was also adapted into an anime series. She made her manga debut in 1992 with 16-sai no Tiara (Tiara of the 16 year old) in Nakayoshi DX, which was nominated for the New Face manga award.

Megumi Tachikawa
Megumi Tachikawa
Anime-inspired self-illustration of Megumi Tachikawa.

Family Name:

Tachikawa (立川)

Given Name:

Megumi (恵)


February 22


Tokyo, Japan



Blood Type:




Known For

Kaitou Saint Tail Dream Saga Cyber Idol Mink

Active Period:





Tachikawa worked on 13 mangas, one of which was adapted into an anime series, Kaitou Saint Tail. Here's the list of her creations from oldest to newest:

  • The Wildcat Constellation (one-shot)
  • 16-sai no Tiara (16歳のティアラ) (one-shot)
  • Asagao no Portrait (one-shot)
  • Haru wo Yobu Orugoru (one-shot)
  • Kujira ga Tonda Hi (one-shot)
  • Hi~ Fu~ Mi~ (one-shot)
  • Manatsu ni Just Meet (one-shot)
  • Hot Typhoon (熱烈台風娘 read as ホットタイフーンHotto Taifūn)
  • Yumekui Annainin (夢食案内人 subtitled: "The Dream-Eating Guidance Girl")
  • Saint Tail (怪盗セイント・テールKaitou Saint Tail)
  • Dream Saga (夢幻伝説 タカマガハラMugen Densetsu Takamagahara, subtitled Dream Saga)
  • Cyber Idol Mink (電脳少女☆Mink Dennō Shōjo Mink)
  • Delivery Boy ~ The Legendary House Keeper ("Delivery Boy ~ Densetsu no House Keeper")

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